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About Best San Diego Limousine

We are a company built on a general philosophy that the client is always right. Go figure, when is the last time you heard that. We are always reminded
of one thing, if not for the clients we serve there would be no company at all. We have over fifteen years serving many markets around the United States,
including the San Diego Limo Market.
We understand that the Limousines we provide is just part of the equation, it’s the service that brings it all together. Anyone can go out and by a limo, but
very few truly understand the experience the client is after. We always say, it’s not the destination, its the journey.

We are located in San Diego and serve all of California
We are open Monday thru Saturday 8am -8pm and on Sundays from 9am-10pm
However, we are a 24/7 service, so you will always reach a live staff person when you call .
Yes , We are currently a member of the NLA (National Limousine Association)

All of our chauffeurs have a mandatory drug screen upon hiring as well as fingerprinting FBI testing (criminal background checks) .
Our airport drivers have an additional CBI background check (criminal background checks).

All CDL drivers are required to carry a Class C CDL license as well as a Passenger endorsement on their license . All CDL drivers are also
submitted to a random drug testing consortium.

Simply, the best service you will ever experience. Just because a driver may carry the proper licensing , they may not be “qualified” for a position
at Limousines ETC . We not only hire based upon legal qualifications, we also hire upon physical presentation , professional presentation,
and ability to lead a group of passengers . If our chauffeur posses these qualities , he or she is then put thru a training regimen internally.
Only then will the be qualified to work with our clients.

All of our vehicles are of new makes and models and we consistently keep up with the newest trends in the limousine industry by
purchasing new vehicles often.

20% is a standard mandatory fee in the limousine industry . The chauffeur receives this 20% as his driving wage . If you love your driver
(as most of our clients do!) you are welcome to give extra tips , however nothing additional is mandatory !

Our prices do not vary that much from month to month, however there are cost which remain outside of our control, such as fuel, insurance
and the cost of maintaining our fleet. Please call us today to discuss any of your transportation needs.

We accept all major forms of credit cards ( VISA , AMEX , DISCOVER , MASTERCARD) and cash . We only accept checks with
management pre- approval .

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